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Gem’s Boutique was founded by myself, Gemma, in 2011 when I lost my Nana to cancer. I had always been extremely passionate for all things creative. This together with my hobby of collecting vintage clothing, Gem's Boutique was created.

Jeanette & myself started off by altering to fit the modern lady. After attending several fashion shows in Cambridge and London, being featured in The Style, Vogue and BBC Home and Antique magazine, I soon became a fully-fledged small business :-)

To start with, I worked on Gem's Boutique in my spare time until 2015 when I was taken ill and diagnosed with ME/CFS.

I had to stop work completely due to being bed bound for nearly 18 months, this majorly took its toll on myself, as well as hitting Gem's Boutique hard. After this, I knew I couldn't go back to 9-5 but I wasn't going to let this illness defeat me!


I decided it was time to start Gem's Boutique back up because I knew I'd get the flexibility I needed to manage my disability.

That's when Jeanette re-joined in 2018 and we started creating beautiful handmade

products from tweeds, wool and statement fabrics, attending craft fairs & many events around the county.​


In 2019 was the launch of keepsakes! A bespoke, personalised service which

sees us create lasting memories of loved ones. We started with clothing items but with my love of horses, I was drawn to the idea of creating products from their rugs and saddle pads. Since then the product range has grown and grown. 


In 2021 we started attending much bigger shows like Sandringham Christmas Market. This saw us take Philippa on as my assistant to help with sales & marketing admin, as well as social media! 

Gem's Boutique is a strong, knowledgeable team with many years experience.

We pride ourselves on always putting our customers first and have very competitive rates for top quality workmanship.

We always source locally and continuously seek to support other small businesses.


We LOVE  a bespoke order and can help with any branding or promotional textiles your company may need. 

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