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Intro to the team

Hello I’m Gemma (the bossy one! 😉) I started Gem’s Boutique after losing my nana in 2010, with the love of creating things I believed I could make it work, have it work around my disability… Last year we launched Sullivan Rolfe for all the interiors & upholstery

Weird fact !! If I get a hand wet, I have to get the other wet I feel unbalanced 🙈

My hobby is with little time I get, I enjoy spending it with my fur babies Hugo & Quinn 🐶🐶taking them on adventures around Norfolk!

A word to describe be would be Eccentric (I am a little mad but in a loveable way 😜)

Hopes for 2022: I know we are a great team, I’m very excited for 2022 doing more events like games & country shows and bringing new products out!

Hello I’m Philippa! I joined the team in October 2021 to help with events, sales, marketing and social media going forward into 2022.

I have known Gemma for many years now so it was an easy yes when she asked me to join the team.

A weird fact about me is that I am allergic to coffee!! 🤯

My hobbies include spending time with my horses, walking my cute doggies and going on adventures with my boyfriend.

My hopes for 2022 within the business are to increase sales, release some new fun products and teach Gemma how to use social media 😜

A word that describes me would have to be witty - I do have some great come backs & one liners 😽

Hi I’m Amanda, I first joined Gem’s Boutique in 2019 to help with the keepsakes but during COVID we realised there was more I could be doing! That’s when we created Sullivan Rolfe..

Weird fact I was born in Bermuda but escaped the triangle 😉

My hobby / interests is marine life, spending time with my girls & animals I have a old thyme bulldog called Willow and 3 cats 🐈‍⬛

A word to describe this was hard as I could say a few but homely fits me well! I am true home girl, love being at home and making house for my family!

My business hopes for 2022 is that Covid doesn’t but a damper on things anymore, to grow and have fun doing it!

Hi there I’m Jeanette, I joined Gem’s Boutique back in 2011 to help with bridal alterations & dressmaking. Nowadays I work on the products, embroidery and dressmaking for our existing customers.

Weird fact: I have a vast collection of material scrapes, I can’t bring myself to throw anything ! You never know when you’ll need it 🤣

Hobby: I live for sewing 🧵 it keeps me sane, I can lose myself in a project 😍

A word to describe you: Mother Goose (I know that’s 2 🙊) it’s not being I can lay golden eggs but I seem to get adopted by those I am close too 🥰💕

Hopes for 2022: To expand & grow as planned

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