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Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Philippa Kennington

My name is Philippa and I’m 24 years old. I have 3 horses, only two are ridden as one is retired.

Harvey is a 5yo Chestnut Irish sports horse. I backed him myself and I’m super proud of how far we have come as a partnership. He’s still learning and still growing! Harvey is just learning to jump and he is really enjoying it, even though he is normally a bit clumsy, he seems to be quite a careful jumper! He does compete regularly in dressage and hopefully soon will be out jumping too!!

Robin is a 6yo bay welsh section D and he absolutely loves jumping!! He is so much fun to ride and is super relaxed with everything. He has done some dressage and pleasure rides but his favourite thing is jumping, especially XC, so I’m hoping to be able to get him out more next year as he’s having some time off to fully grow

Harvey and Robin have the same birthday, May 21st!

Amelia is a 11yo Grey Irish sports horse and she’s now retired in a field with 4 donkeys due to an issue in her neck! She is obsessed with her donkey family and is ALWAYS by their side. When she was younger she did event and was an XC machine! Amelia is loving being retired and looks the best she’s ever looked!

Im currently enjoying going out and competing dressage, but I cannot wait to get out jumping more soon. I really love working with young horses, especially ones that love to learn and give you so much back. I thoroughly enjoy a project to work with and often have a few horses with me over the year to back, school and produce further.

As well as freelance riding and general equestrian services, I work in a children’s nursery! Which I really love. This means I am always busy with work or my horses! I also have 2 dogs, and 3 chickens!

Some days I do struggle to keep riding etc as I unfortunately have some illness’ that affect my ability to do certain things but I push through this as much as I can! I am also sponsored by Celine Holliday Human and Equine sports massage therapist and she helps me keep going by regular full body massages. She also massages my horses to keep them feeling supple and relaxed.

Keira Welham - Welham’s Farm

Keira is 15 and has been riding since she was 7, she got her passion from her Mum who has ridden since a child also.

Her horse Aberhosan Olwen known as Rio/Riri at home, is a Welsh Section D mare and was brought for Keira on her 10th Birthday.

They have been on a journey together as Rio hadn’t had the best start in life. They now take part in #PonyClub together and local shows.

’Originally from Essex we moved to #Norfolk 2 years ago and I have recently started to take part some local dressage competitions coming home with 2nd place in all 3 classes.

The plan is to get out as much as possible and would like to thank Gem’s Boutique for the sponsorship.

I also along with school helps with the family business, a Secure Dog Walking Field.’


Emma Jane Fennymore- Middleton Stables

Emma is originally from Romford, moved to #Norfolk in 2013. Is the owner of Middleton stables and own has a string of #welshponies for showing and other competitive activities!

Her main mare Marmite, recently come out of our showing career after a few successful seasons at county level with some good placings at shows such as equifest to now try their hand at working hunter and dressage! Also has her up and coming Mare Lina who recently made her #Dressage Debute and is a real one to watch ❤️ x

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