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Patchwork blanket

Patchwork blanket


Introducing our Heartfelt Memories Patchwork Blanket – a beautifully crafted masterpiece that weaves together cherished moments and treasured memories. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, this one-of-a-kind blanket is made from the clothing of your loved ones, preserving the essence of the special moments you've shared.

Our skilled memory makers carefully transform these meaningful textiles into a cozy and comforting blanket, where each patch tells a story, a fragment of time, a memory that warms your heart.

Wrap yourself in the embrace of nostalgia and feel the warmth of your loved ones' presence with every touch.

  • Size

    The squares on the blanket are 16 inch by 16 inch these calculations are done if male shirts were being used if the clothing is smaller eg baby clothes then we’d need more to fit into the measured square.

    Lap blanket - 12 shirts 64in x 48in

    Small blanket - 16 shirts 64in x 64in

    Medium blanket - 20 shirts 64in x 80in

    Large blanket - 24 shirts 64in x 96in

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